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Register Team

This describes the process of registering a new team for participation in a tournament managed by IYPT cc.


Every participant of the tournament has to create an account in the IYPT CC system.

Team Manager

  1. The team leader or team manager should then apply for the team under Registration - My Applications.

    There is a list of tournaments which have a currently open registration period. Select the one you want to participate in and click Apply for team manager, or Apply as IOC. For the IYPT, only the IOC can apply.

    If the tournament has a pre-registration phase, the same person, presumeably the responsible IOC member should apply as team manager.

  2. The application for a new team can be done in two ways. If you have pre-registered your team, you can select the team name in the upper selection box. If you have not pre-registered your team, or apply to a tournament without a pre-registration phase, please Enter a new team name in the text field in the lower box and apply.

    This option depends on your tournament settings. Sometimes only one option is available.

  3. Your application will be reviewed by the organisers.

    During this time, your application will be listed as pending on the Registration - My Applications page.

  4. After the team beeing accepted, you are now associated with the given tournament and can set this as your active tournament.


You can then manage your team at Registration - Manage Teams. As you might be leader / manager of multiple teams, you have to select one.


If you do not see the menu item Manage Teams, you most likely have not set the active tournament to the one where the team is registered.

  1. As you are now an attendee of the given tournament, and have to supply a set of information regarding your participation.

  2. On the top field, you can enter a password, which is required by new members to apply to your team. Set it to something secret and disseminate it to the persons who should be able to join your team.

    From now on, team members can apply for your team. You will see pending applications on the bottom of the management page.

  3. Accepting new applications allows to review the email address, to verify that the correct person applied, and adapt the role, if necessary.

    The team roles are sumarised as follows:

    Role Description
    Captain The team captain, a student representing the team in official actions.
    Member A student team member
    Leader A team leader (able to mange team)
    Associated A person associated to your team (e.g. independent juror, visitor, EC-Member).
  4. In the overview, you can edit persons and change their role, allow them to manage the team, or delete them completely from the team.

The green edit button lets you change the role of the team member and the blue is to edit the data.